Educational Art Experiences & Creative Occasions

Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.


  • COLOR WHEELS educational art experiences give children the opportunity to broaden their art education and encourage and enhance their artistic skills. We will explore modern, historical, and local art and artists while experimenting with art techniques using a variety of media to create inspired artwork.
  • COLOR WHEELS comes to you!  We come to your school, your home, your party, your community center, your reunion, your festival, etc. We will customize an art project or curriculum, purchase all of the supplies, and facilitate the art experience(s).
  • COLOR WHEELS enthusiastically brings formal art instruction into children's lives, thus demonstrating to them that their creative tendencies are indeed important, valuable, and worth enhancing.  
  • COLOR WHEELS experiences are planned and facilitated according to the abilities and interests of young children, preschool through 5th grade.  
  • COLOR WHEELS is all about making art, as you will see in the Art Gallery.  We take a thoughtfully creative approach to art instruction.  This means we will have fun and enjoy the process, but also be focused and diligent.  Children will be busy, messy and sometimes loud, but always working towards completing a carefully designed piece of art.  
Picasso said “Every child is an artist”. And that is so certainly true with our monthly art lesson with Mrs. Shelley. We are thrilled to have Mrs. Shelley offer a developmentally appropriate formal art lesson to our children. She offers a hands on look at “real” art and then lets our children discover their own art through different mediums. The children love seeing their artwork displayed and the parents LOVE it too!
— Learning Center Director

About Shelley:  

My love for teaching and for art began as a child.  I pursued a career in the field of education at The University of Tennessee and graduated with a Masters degree.  I began my career teaching 3rd grade students. I have also taught in a variety of other settings to diverse groups of children throughout the years. My experience includes such things as: tutoring middle school and elementary students, teaching 3 year olds in a mother's day out program, teaching art for 5 years to elementary and preschool students each week, and most recently, teaching large painting parties for adults.  In 2014, I fulfilled a life long dream of starting a business as an art educator.  My mobile art business allows me to meet some of the coolest, young and youthful artists in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and Hendersonville, TN.

Me and my cutie niece who loves all things purple and sparkly!

Me and my cutie niece who loves all things purple and sparkly!